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LJS Announcement

By  •  7 months ago

To my valued clients & associates,

It’s with great optimism that I’d like to announce a forthcoming change at LJS & Associates Consulting, Inc.

As of September 30, 2023, all …
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Why Choose LJS?

By  •  9 years ago

LJS & Associates Consulting Inc. Team

  • Experience: LJS & Associates Consulting Inc. has years of experience in business and the non-profit sector to provide grounded, realistic and value-adding materials …
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News from LJS & Associates

From Apprentice to Aviator
8 months ago

From Apprentice to Aviator

At LJS, our values are not just principles; they are the pillars that uphold a culture of continuous improvement, collaboration, and dedication to excellence. As our employees embark on their …
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Business and Chess
1 year ago

Business and Chess

Business and chess may seem like two unrelated fields, but they have more in common than one may think. Both require strategic thinking, planning, and decision-making skills. The lessons that …
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Labour Shortage
2 years ago

Labour Shortage

There’s no denying that we’re in a pickle. Hiring will become more and more difficult as baby-boomers continue to step out and a much smaller workforce of millennials and Gen-Zs …
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We have a problem
2 years ago

We have a problem

There is no denying that we have a problem: there are approximately 870,000 vacant jobs in Canada today, constituting a major labor shortage.

A cursory Google search will tell you …
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“Leigh has an uncanny ability to deal with complex issues using a personal and straightforward approach. If you want a coach to improve your organizations effectiveness, Leigh can get you one step closer to your goals”

Samuel Donkor, Executive Director


“LJS and Associates are dedicated to understanding our business needs.
Their guidance and alternative point of view have been invaluable.”

Clinton Benn, President
CMB Erectors


“Leigh Sherry is someone you would be fortunate to work with and get to know. His depth of knowledge and experience with helping businesses and entrepreneurs reach their success. As his motto goes, he is the bridge to get you there. I highly recommend working with Leigh to any person or business who wants to accelerate their success and achieve results now.”

Trevor Cherewka, Marketing, Sales, Web SEO Trainer
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