With the end of summer quickly approaching, it will soon bring the beginning of a new school year. For those that are in their last year of school, time seems to be going by even faster.  The first day of school can be seen as a mixed bag of emotions.

For some, the thought of summer holidays, with what little responsibilities they had, are coming to an end. For others, a new school year is full of excitement, seeing or meeting new classmates. Learning, and being part of extra-curricular actives, can be a blast.

For those that are planning to graduate, this is a scary but exciting time in their life. Here are some tips to make your last year productive, and can also help you kick those back to school blues.

Take part in social events

Find out what is going on around campus or in the community. Look for something that may spark your interest, or some kind of group or event that you might like. It will help take your mind off school. It can also help you network; the more people you know the easier it is to find a job after you graduate.

Slow and steady wins the race

After graduation, it’s job searching time. You have been told all your life to go to school, get an education, and be successful. Easy, right? For most of you, it will be a long process to find a job. Start this process early; update your resume and references over the course of the school year. Putting just a half-hour each week toward fixing up your resume will help you be prepared to apply for jobs.

Set goals

Create a checklist of goals you want to accomplish over the year. These goals don’t always have to be school or work related. They can be goals about saving money, or to finish reading a book you’ve always been interested in. By completing these goals, you help create a routine and allow yourself to understand your strengths, weaknesse,s and how fast you can achieve things.

Practice makes perfect

Applying for jobs can be difficult. You may have to apply to a number of jobs before you are even invited to an interview. When you get past the applying stage, you want to be ready for that big interview. Use the school year to practice! Have mock interviews, with a professional, family member, friend, or in the mirror. This practice will help you feel more relaxed and confident when the time comes for that real interview.

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