For all the time and energy that is put into sales strategies and business negotiation techniques, building great business relationships is often a second thought. It takes time and energy to build good, strong, rock-solid relationships today.

Business Tip – Build relationships for life, not for one order.

Here are 5 ways you can build better relationships in today’s business world.

Don’t Over Sell – Over Deliver

Learn the difference between over selling and over delivering.  Getting the customer to say “yes” is just the beginning of the relationship. You have to deliver on what you promised.

Win + Win = WIN!

Good business relationships have something beneficial for both sides. Successful relationship building does not grow if a deal will is skewed too far toward one party. The fair deal is always the one that nets the most amount of value for both sides.

Remember the KLT formula

The KLT formula, or Know~Like~Trust, is the foundation for decision making. In business, customers have to KNOW who you are first. Once they know you, they begin to LIKE you. When clients like you, they can TRUST you. Once you get a relationship to the trust zone, you have a client for life.

Keep it real, man!

Often people put on a sales-oriented persona that is much different to who they really are. Don’t be someone you are not, in business or in life. By being yourself, you will be more effective and relatable to others. Don’t be afraid of embracing your inner self.

Hello, is there anybody out there?

Once the business terms have been established, keeping an open line of communication is key.  Clients love hearing good news but, more importantly, they want to know the bad news asap.  Keep them in the loop at all times.  They may not like the news, but they will appreciate you for telling them.