The monthly Networking mixer event was hosted by LJS & Associates Consulting Inc. discussing the topic of balancing time. Specifically balancing the time, we spend on a weekly basis on work, self, and other things. Networking Mixers are hosted on a monthly basis bringing people together from different cities with different business backgrounds to discuss pertinent topics often being related to business.

Those who attended had a lovely discussion and the following outlines that discuss the time spent by most individual`s is divided between work, school, family, self and community. Most individuals spend an average of 50 hours sleeping per week. Most of us average out around 12 hours of personal time during the week in which we like to do various things such as going to the gym, yoga, sports, shopping, movies, etc.

There was an important discussion on the ongoing demands of business/work versus the amount of time to care yourself. Some jobs require you to work after regular shift hours. Most of us want to have the business and be as dependable for their clients as possible. But we don’t always know when to stop working. Also, the influence of technology like social media platforms makes this more of a problem and the line between work and self becomes thinner. To conclude, the impactful message of balancing time is to organize your day in advance, make yourself available all day if needed, but make time to relax too.

Written by: Pierre Laforet and Patrick Piatek