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Why You Need a Coach

Michael Jordan had one. Joe Montana had one. Even Wayne Gretzky had one. So why don’t you have one?

Coaches play a key role in developing your skills and abilities while, at the same time, helping you boost your performance. Coaches are the people you can turn to before small challenges turn into big issues.

At LJS, we offer career and executive coaches, depending on where you are in your professional career.

Your Personal Coach

At LJS, we work with a very diverse range of clientele. From millennials just getting into the workforce, to clients looking for a second career, we can help wherever you are in your career path.

Preparation is the first step in launching you into the world. To us, coaching is a way to explore your goals and develop a strategy to achieve them, more than just a corrective tool when things go wrong.

With a goal to follow, we work with you to find the perfect career starting job. We will guide and assist you with job searches to match your exact needs.

From there, we help you in preparation of your resume and cover letter. If you are applying for a decent job, you can expect the recruiter has received hundreds of resumes. You need your resume to stand out from the crowd, in order to get to the interview. Our coaching doesn’t end there.

Our next step is your interview prep. Because LJS acts as HR personnel for some of our corporate clients, we know the questions you will be asked, and the questions an HR person will want to hear from you. From interview questions, to body language, to what you should wear, LJS will prepare you for that ultimate interview.

Your final step will be accepting your new job.

Management Coach

At LJS, we have worked with many leaders like yourself achieve the success they wanted to in their life and in their career.

Our coaching environment is a safe place for you to explore possibilities you never thought possible. We encourage you to exchange ideas and enhance your management skills.

We will provide honest, neutral advice that may be difficult to find within your work environment.

We will help you balance your personal life with your business life, showing you how to optimize your satisfaction at work and give the most at home.

We want to mentor you to the success you deserve. We are committed to helping you achieve whatever goals you set for yourself.

When clients come to us, they are often too focused on running their business to help it succeed. This focus fails to recognize that there are people working at their companies that are looking for leadership. With leadership, your staff can succeed, and in turn, your business can succeed, too. We will help you influence the team around you, building up everyone for success.

We know that change is hard. We aim to make it easier with an executive coach in your corner.

Timing is everything. Don’t waste another day.

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