Have you heard anyone say, “life is continuous learning’ or “when you stop learning you are dead”? I propose that continuous learning and continuous classroom learning are very different. Both are important and at times both can be challenging. Three years ago, I returned to the classroom after 15 years of absence. Most of my classmates were less than half my age and we came from diverse backgrounds and cultures. I was operating my seventeen-year-old consulting practice and taking on a full-time role at the University of Guelph. My classmates were full-time students with no employment responsibilities. All this to say that I felt very alone and totally intimidated. Most were chasing a potential for a career and I was chasing knowledge. To say the least, I was not quite prepared for the steep learning curve that lay ahead.

On June 25, 2020 I attended my graduation with a Master of Arts in Management. Early on I committed to enjoying the process or leaving. I did enjoy the process and learned concepts, ideas, and academic methodologies that affirmed my decision. But I learned more, more about who I am and how I respond to new and unknown circumstances.

Yes, continuous learning is an important part of your career and your life. I highly recommend the classroom learning, not for this piece of paper but for yourself and your self-understanding!