2020, a new year, a new decade, and now a new way to work. With the current restrictions related to COVID-19, working-from-home is the new norm, including summer internships. This experience has been quite unique this year, and we have learned how to successfully onboard staff remotely. Work from home has brought forward new types of challenges for management and employees alike. With staff now working from their own home-office, the distinction between work and pleasure has become blurred. Without a clear line between the two, working too much can occur. Whether it be extra hours after closing, or checking ‘one more email’ before bed, we want to ensure that employees are not burning out. By ensuring we create distance from our desk, such as a workout or walk, we can mentally signoff for the day. Being home and around those pesky distractions can also affect the amount of work done. Maybe you want to finish that episode or just fold the laundry, these affect the amount of work that gets done. A solution can come in for the form of the 1-3-5 method. When you tackle 1 large project, 3 medium sized jobs and 5 small tasks it allows for the balance of big picture and day-to-day to both be completed, keeping the workflow moving.

We at LJS hope you all are happy, healthy and safe.