This year has flipped everything upside down; literally. For the first half of the year, working at home in casual clothing was the new normal, whilst coming into the office dressed up professionally was a rare occasion. Returning to work and adapting to the ‘new normal’ has been everything but normal. Staying socially distant, not leaving your office without a mask on and many other regulations enforced by authorities have made the office environment very desk oriented which might just improve employee performance. With staff now back in the office, the distractions and the comforts of the home-office have been removed. Now you cannot finish that Netflix episode or YouTube video that you cannot wait to finish. This means that no extra-hours are worked nor is any time wasted as there is a set amount of time that the staff works before they head home every day. An easy way to avoid watching that Netflix episode in the office is to turn your phone to silent and put into a place where it would take more effort to reach your phone than call the next client. Getting used to the new-normal in the office could be difficult, but in hindsight, it is for the better of everyone and everything.