Entrepreneurs face many challenges on the road to success. One of these challenges that is hard to overcome, and may not seem obvious, is fear. Fear can come in many ways and can be quite difficult to overcome. Here are a few fears that entrepreneurs face, and some tips to help overcome them.


When starting and operating a business, there is no guarantee of success. Constantly worrying about getting customers and generating sales creates a fear of failing. To make things worse, this fear worsens when think about how our peers will witness our failures. At the end of the day, you must do what is best for you and your business and not worry about what others think. Focus on all opportunities, both big and small, and create a vision for where you want to see your business. Focus solely on this vision and believe in your abilities.


In order to be successful you must grow. In order to grow you must be able to change. Although everything may be going smoothly there comes a time when organizations must change. Fear of how this change will affect the organization can cause your business to plateau or remain stagnant. To reach the next level you must be willing to change and grow. You never know unless you try.

The Unknown

Fear of not knowing the outcomes of our decisions can hold us back from making those critical and necessary moves. Many of the decisions entrepreneurs have to make have a significant unknown. With each decision and change we make, one thing is certain, we will learn. Whether we fail or succeed, each action we take creates an opportunity to learn and prepare for the road ahead.

If you want to learn more and discuss the fears that come with business and entrepreneurship, join the LJS & Associates team as well as many local business professionals on Wednesday August 29th, 2018 from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm at the Sociable Kitchen & Tavern.

This month we will be focusing our discussion on the fears the can create barriers to business success and development. Come on out and stretch your thoughts and ideas!