To my valued clients & associates,

It’s with great optimism that I’d like to announce a forthcoming change at LJS & Associates Consulting, Inc.

As of September 30, 2023, all accounting and tax services will be assumed by David Legere, CPA., CA. Many of you have benefited from Dave’s practical, client-forward consultation at LJS over the past five years. Dave is a long-time resident of the Brantford area with over 30 years experience advising clients of all sizes from a variety of industries. He is a deal-oriented, versatile, adaptable professional with extensive practical business experience. Dave and I will continue to work together through this transition and into the future. I am more than confident that with Dave at the helm, LJS & Associates will continue to lead with tailor-made professionalism in the financial services space.

With this change, I will be turning my attention fully toward management and consulting services. These services have always been at the heart of LJS & Associates, as well as my personal passions in consulting. Motivated by the success and endorsement of our clients over many years and industries, this transition ensures that the business community in South Western Ontario and beyond has continued access to innovative, team-driven consulting services under the umbrella of Fernwood Consulting Ltd.

These changes, put simply, are a reflection of our ongoing commitment to excellence in consulting services and providing the tools to bridge businesses from where they are to where they want to be.

Our goal is to make this transition as straight-forward and seamless as possible. We’ll be in touch in the coming weeks with information specific to your business with LJS.

Thank you for your continued support, and here’s to a bright future at LJS & Associates Consulting, Inc.