LJS & Associates Consulting Inc. provides a wide range of consulting services for an ever-growing clientele:



LJS & Associates Consulting Inc. has two professional accountants, both with extensive experience as Chief Financial Officer. LJS & Associates Consulting Inc. also provides bookkeeping services for any size organization. These professionals know the importance of cost reduction and sustainable profits through providing relevant management information.


Team Building

LJS & Associates Consulting Inc. have years of experience developing materials for team building processes. Our team building initiative, customized for your needs, will utilize the latest research and theoretical tools to provide optimum opportunities for your team’s experience.


Organization & Systems Review

Includes analyses of your organizational structure. System reviews include a discovery process for all aspects of staff responsibilities, job descriptions and lines of communication. System reviews normally result in recommendations that will increase efficiencies, raise staff morale and increase the financial results.



Strategic plans, developed through LJS & Associates Consulting Inc., can set your organization on a clearer direction that suits your goals, your values, your markets and your core activities. Marketing plans are a necessary part of maintaining valued customers and gaining new customers through strategically planned initiatives by your organization.


Speakers, Seminars & Workshops

LJS & Associates Consulting Inc. has offered seminars in cooperation with the Schlegel Centre for Entrepreneurship of Wilfrid Laurier University in Kitchener Ontario. LJS & Associates Consulting Inc. also has speakers who are available for workshops and conferences. Workshops, custom-designed for your organization can be delivered at your site or in the LJS & Associates Consulting Inc. boardroom by members of our team.


Management Training

LJS & Associates Consulting Inc. offers management training in small groups or in one-on-one mentoring situations to improve performance and increase job satisfaction.


New Business Development

LJS & Associates Consulting Inc. has a desire to help new business startups. Our organizational size allows us to be large enough to both have the necessary knowledge to assist all kinds of startups and maintain cash flows so as to be flexible with the startup issues that many new businesses encounter. We are also small and flexible enough to provide the custom program and assistance your new business requires.



We have worked with institutional investors on Statement of Investing Policies and Guidelines (SIP&G) to clarify the necessary parameters to be followed by investment managers when investing in the marketplace. LJS & Associates Consulting Inc. will work with your boards to help create or refine the SIP&G.