Did you know napping is good for business?

Okay, so maybe you shouldn’t be sleeping when a customer needs you, but there is an important sentiment that is not to be missed as we reflect on National Nap Day this week. Whether it is by getting more sleep or by taking a foreign language, it is especially important for business owners and entrepreneurs to invest in themselves.

This can be particularly difficult as business owners often spend most of their time focusing on financial and time investments that will add directly to the bottom line. However, time spent making you a better-rounded individual and time spent improving your mental and physical health ultimately translates into you being a better business owner.

Below are a few other ways investing in your personal growth can help your business along the way:

New Perspectives
Have you always wanted to learn a new language? Maybe you want to become a black belt? While none of these will necessarily directly improve your business, they allow you to become a better-rounded individual. A breadth of life experience will help you think differently and bring new ideas and perspectives to your business.

Investing in yourself allows you to take a break from whatever challenges you may be facing so you can recharge and make better decisions going forward.

Relationship Cultivation
Time spent investing in yourself can mean time spent investing in the key relationships that support you through your business. Consider the family and friends who provide invaluable support and advice through the challenges of running your own business.