“Each patchwork piece contributes to holding the quilt together, yet each is unique.”

Have you ever taken stock of the gifts and talents your employees have? What about your own strengths?

Often we learn to see people through the assigned tasks and responsibilities they are given at work. Unfortunately, it means we may miss out on discovering hidden talents that could be useful for your business.

LJS recently received a beautiful quilt created by a colleague using cast-off ties. Not only did this beautiful gift brighten up the office, but it also reminded us to consider what ignored talents we can learn to utilize. Now we know this particular colleague has a gifted sense of visual design. Sometimes these newly discovered talents can directly improve current projects, other times they work to brings employees together and create a better work culture – Ultimately it means a stronger, better-functioning business.
Here are a few ways to discover your employees’ hidden talents:

1. Just Ask

It’s simple, take a genuine interest in the people around you and ask them questions. Nobody wants to be the colleague that always brags, but if you ask the right questions, people are happy to share their interests, strengths, and successes.

2. Switch it Up

Provide your employees with opportunities outside their role. Maybe schedule a day where staff can shadow other employees. When faced with new challenges, you might discover that your employees will utilize skills you never knew they had. Alternatively, you can integrate time for staff to share what is important to them. This can come in the form of guided lunches, coffee breaks, or staff socials.

3. Pay Attention

Paying attention to what staff say and how they spend their time can reveal important strengths. For example – If an employee discusses their improv club, you might discover they have strength in public speaking and presentation – a skill you may have previously thought your team lacks.