A cohesive marketing strategy is one that takes all your different platforms of promoting your business and aligns them to the same strategy. Basically it all boils down to one thing; consistency.

While it may seem like a no-brainer but it’s still worth mentioning, consistency matters. Many people get caught up in the latest marketing trends without thinking about why they do these things and what does it say about me and my company. Things like livestreaming your day or virtual reality can be fun new trends, but that doesn’t mean you should hop on board on a whim so that you can appear to be “with it.” The fact of the matter is that not all trends work with all businesses. You wouldn’t live stream your office job and you probably wouldn’t want to have a chat-box if you’re an electrician.

By having a consistent and cohesive message to consumers by using avenues that are appropriate, maintaining your image and showcasing your offerings, you give individuals a glimpse into what your brand is all about. The best thing you can do when coming up with your next marketing decision is to think about how it fits with your current marketing strategy, what does is say about my brand, and how will my consumers receive it. Realizing that your marketing strategy isn’t just about jumping on the next trend will lead you down a better more long term path, which will help you generate the business you want as opposed to sending mixed messages and losing the business you already have.

Recently LJS hosted a networking event where entrepreneurs and employees alike discussed the importance of a cohesive marketing strategy and what it meant to them. Most people quoted the need for consistency. The biggest part about consistency is how you present yourself across all platforms, usually people follow your marketing in more than one spot. Be sure that the message you send on Facebook is the same on that shows up on LinkedIn or your website. We at LJS would be happy to help you find the marketing advice you need, feel free to contact us using the help button on the home page so we can get started with your marketing plan today.