LJS & Associates Consulting Inc. Team

  • Experience: LJS & Associates Consulting Inc. has years of experience in business and the non-profit sector to provide grounded, realistic and value-adding materials and solutions for your organization.
  • Expertise: The Associates at LJS & Associates Consulting Inc. have a variety of professional designations including CMA, CGA, MBA, B.Eng, along with Human Resources, Education and Sales/Marketing certifications
  • Collaboration: LJS & Associates Consulting Inc. collaborates on most projects in order to ensure objective multiple viewpoints – eliminating narrow-scope or tunnel vision problems that  occur if a project is taken on by a one- or two-person consulting company

LJS & Associates Consulting Inc. Difference

  • Be the Bridge: LJS & Associates Consulting Inc. believes that we add value to your company through collaboration to reach your goals successfully. The bridge model implies establishing a lasting, supportive relationship rather than the blitz–and-run model so commonly used by consulting firms or individual consultants. The solutions offered by LJS & Associates Consulting Inc. involve developing and implementing processes over time after investigation and discovery.
  • Binder-Free Solutions: At projects end, some companies simply receive a binder, often loaded with duplicated or incongruent ideas, without any idea how to implement any of the suggestions or solutions. Even more disturbing: many companies cannot even locate that costly binder! LJS & Associates Consulting Inc. offers a binder-free consulting model. Our model encourages longer-term solutions and continuous feedback with LJS & Associates Consulting Inc.
  • Community Connections: LJS & Associates Consulting Inc. believes in playing an integral role in the betterment of the Brant Area and beyond. We have established on-going relationships with businesses, universities, non-profit organizations and community boards. LJS and Associates Consulting Inc. is always collaborating, always dialoguing, and always opening our business to new relationships to add value.

LJS & Associates Consulting Inc. Values

  • Accountability: Your organization has the right to demand quality work – LJS & Associates Consulting Inc. provides quality work and on-going support.
  • Availability: LJS & Associates Consulting Inc. makes every effort to be available when you need us. Your organization’s timetable, not that of LJS and Associates Consulting Inc., is what matters most. That is a key strength of LJS & Associates Consulting Inc.: our team has enough flexibility to work within your schedule.
  • Integrity: Integrity is a critical component of everyday life at LJS & Associates Consulting Inc. Our programs and processes are built to increase the visibility of the integrity of all aspects of client operations. It is our firm belief that good consulting services are defined by the value they add to the operations of our client organizations.